Engage employees to amplify your organisations
social presence

Emcollab for Employee Advocacy

Content Hub

Give your employee access to the latest trending content from social media, publications, blogs and other sources.

Social Selling

Empower your employees with the right content & platform to amplify your organisational voice further.

Knowledge & Sharing

Create a central hub for employees to access knowledge and quality contnet

Analytics and Reporting

View reports and monitor employee engagement on the platform and on social. Measure engagement, reach, earned media value.

Social Listening

Derive analytics out of reports, enabling program managers take informed decisions around marketing and social practices

About Us

Emcollab offers organisations a whitelabelled platform that helps them activate the power of their employee social connections and transform them into evangelists. Emcollab helps brand create a positive word of mouth for organisations online, by unlocking a whole new set of audience, that is employee social connections